Saturday, September 19, 2009

Secretary General of MIC

My Dear Friends,

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for the out-pouring congratulatory messages and well wishes.

It is an unexpected appointment coming at a crucial time.What we do in the next three years will determine the very future of the party.

I have no illusions about the task at hand and the expectation that has been placed on this new team.

We have a young and vibrant team in place. The Deputy President , Dato G. Palanivel was re-elected based on his track record and to ensure smooth transition.

We have three new and very able Vice-Presidents in YB Dato Dr S. Subramaniam, YB Dato SK Devamani and YB Dato M. Saravanan. All three are down to earth leaders.

Both the Treasurer General, Dato Jaspal Singh and the Information Chief, Mr P.Kamalanathan are youthful, reliable and have the capacity to deliver.

Five state chairmen lost their contest for the Central Working Committee post. The state chairmen performed well in their duties but the delegates just wanted change. They wanted to give the young candidates a chance. Most of the top ten candidates were below 45. There are now 16 new faces out 23 elected CWC Members. Change has come to MIC.

My first task will be to ensure the infusion of new, especially young members, into MIC through the existing branches. We have to reconnect with the young voters.

We are ready to put in the hard work and are sincere in our efforts. Judge us in time, not now.

I pray God be with us and we be with you, for without you, we are nothing.

For my muslim friends, "Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin."

Murugesan Sinnandavar


Anonymous said...

We are confident you will do well...we just hope that the rest will give you their full cooperation and support.
Our only fear is that others in MIC especially the stalwarts will not want to see you succeed as they never want anyone to be better then them, for this reason and for fear that their inability will be brought out in the open they might try to sabotage your good work.
We advice you to be very cautious. None the less, we wish you all the best
G. Prabhakaran & Co

asha iyengar said...

Dear Sir

Well congratulations on your appointment to the MIC sec-gen post.

Seems like the MIC came under fire from lot of quarters since the election. Of course there were hardly any surprises as the candidates endorsed by the President came out tops.

PM Najib said popularity enjoyed by the candidates within the party
need not reflect the ground popularity with the mass. may talk about Palanivel the yes man and host of others were elected base on their track records - what track records are you talking about here or is it the standard mantra recital to the mass indians, critics, loyalists, etc to justify his appointment.

This election has nothing to do with the plight of the Indians. MIC has failed to protect the interests of Indians but have nurtured a culture of nepotism and cronyism in the party to win monetary favors.

I have more trust and also this I say with conviction...PROUD to have community leaders (not politicians) like P.Uthayakumar fighting for my cause than the likes of MIC politicians.

I wish young community leaders like yourself stop being a mandore for UMNO. I wish you will have more self respect not to bow down to the whim and fancy of UMNO.

And please sir, i suggest you send the present MIC youth chief for Toastmasters club in KL or PJ etc.
Or alternatively he could learn from watching Uthayakumar's speeches and interviews in youtube.
He needs to brush up his speech in English. I wonder whats his educational background is like?
The young generation needs firebrand leaders with oratory skills not half past six and scandal ridden leaders.

Well dear sir, I sincerely hope your enthusiasm to bring about changes will be a reality.

Thanking you.
Kind Regards

Asha Iyengar

Secretary said...


Sivadas said...

Dear Mr. Murugessan,
Happen to see your press statement on I'm crying, crying because after been a silent MIC memeber for the past 25 years, finnaly I have seen a real man in MIC. GOD bless you. I sincerely hope that one da you would lead our community to glory in this country.