Monday, March 22, 2010

Anwar calls Hindraf "racist"

Anwar calls Hindraf "racist".

They were not racist when they supported him.

They were not racist when they voted for him.

When they ask "what have you done for us in return?", they are now "RACIST".

Well done Anwar!

Here is an open letter from Mr Naragan to Anwar

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI),

At the outset of this piece, let me set the tone – the days of manipulation of the Aiyyas are gone. You cannot go on with your opportunistic ways and become the Prime Minister you want to be, by buying the votes of the Aiyyas for a bottle of cheap liquor. You are not getting to Putrajaya, without first settling your scores with the Aiyyas. And there is a lot to settle and you know it.

We do not need you as a leader of this country in your present manipulative form, because, from our Aiyyas view point, it is no different to us than what Najib has to offer. There is no real and substantive change.

Dear DSAI, you have the audacity to call Hindraf a racist organsiation after having ridden to victory in 5 states on shouts of “Makkal Sakthi” a Hindraf Slogan in the last GE by stealing our votes with those shouts. You are exposing the opportunist in you.

DSAI. you are responsible for creating this racially bigoted system in Malaysia, in the first place.. Go back to the 80s and the 90s, Do you remember you were the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports in 1983, Minister of Agriculture in 1984, Minister of Education in 1986, Finance Minister in 1991 and DPM in 1993 – all in, a total of at least 15 years in setting up and fine tuning the current racist regime. What we have today is the outcome of exactly the policies of your past. You are responsible for what we have today, DSAI.

We in Hindraf and HRP are struggling tooth and nail to change exactly that exploitative system, that you are responsible for setting up. You call us racists for doing that. What does that make you, dear DSAI, the creator of that system. Again, I say it, it was in your and Mahathir’s heydays that this racist system was crafted and fine tuned. It was in this period that marginalization of the Indians accelerated.

DSAI,.we have had enough, please stop your slick acts. We are no more the Aiyya’s that you and the likes of you take us to be. We are now just as savvy as you, if not more, because of our experiences of repeated betrayals.
So, please start coming clean - if you truly want to make it as the next PM. You will only get there, with complete Indian support and you know that. If you want that complete Indian support, then start getting away from your own ghost and start to listen. Shouts of Makkal Sakthi is not going to get you there, we have learnt that lesson only too well.