Friday, January 28, 2011

Press Statement by S.Murugessan, MIC Information Chief

Re: Kugan’s Case – Court Acquits Constable

There has been an alarming number of cases of death in police custody in Malaysia.

The recent acquittal in Kugan’s Case just goes to show that we do not have a proper mechanism to monitor and bring to book those responsible for cases of death under custody.

At the moment, PDRM is investigating cases of death of inmates in its custody. Justice must not only be done but seen to be done but be seen to be done. In circumstances where the investigators are from the same body under whose watch death occurred, the issue of impartiality and transparency arises. The number convictions secured for death under police custody speaks volumes on the ineffectiveness of the current system.

I call on the PM to set up an independent body, like the Police Commission with full powers to receive complaints, investigate, publish report and prosecute those responsible in cases of death under police custody.

It will help restore the public’s confidence on our police force and show the seriousness of our government with dealing with the issue.


Intelok - DPM agrees for a Panel

Press Statement

1. The mandate of the Panel must be enlarged to study whether the book itself is appropriate to be included as a reading material.

2. The panel must include reputable academicians from the Indian Community and its findings made public.

3. The panel must be set up quickly and with a fixed time-frame to give its recommendations.

4. The book should not be used as a reading material until the panel's recommendations are implemented.

5. To avoid such incidents in the future, an independent panel consisting of academicians from all races, including the main ethnic groups from Sabah & Sarawak must vet all the books before it is used as reading material.