Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vasanthakumar a SB Plant? How Convenient!

The Hindraf Chairman, Waytha Moorthy realeased a brief Press Statement on the 23rd August 2008. In it he dropped a bombshell that one of the five ISA Detainees, Vasanthakumar is a SPECIAL BRANCH PLANT!

Waytha Moorthy went on to explain that “It came to my attention in January 2008 that Vasanthakumar has been planted by the Police Special Branch to infiltrate HINDRAF and upon further investigations the fact became apparent.”

A police special branch plant? He knew it before the General Election and kept quiet about it? Why didn’t he blow the whistle then and further damage BN’s chances?

Come on, not only is this far fetched but it is such a damning accusation against Vasanthakumar. I do not know Vasanthakumar personally nor his background. However I know that this accusation must deeply hurt Vasanthakumar’s family members. To have a son, husband or father detained without trial is bad enough without having one of his fellow comrades call him a turncoat.

Not only were the five detainees denied the right to be heard in court, now one of them is being accused by their chairman of being a government spy without having the opportunity to defend himself.

Regardless of the veracity of these allegations, Vasanthakumar had been condemned to a fate worse then his ISA detention.

Despite his sacrifices, Vasanthakumar will never be able to walk tall in the community as there will always be a lingering doubt about his genuineness. It is almost impossible to disprove such an allegation.

Waytha Moorthi also accused V.K.Regu the ex-Pro tem Secretary and Ramachandran Meyappan alias Ramaji, the Spiritual Advisor of HINDRAF of colluding with Vasanthakumar to “take over the leadership of HINDRAF.”

Now this raises questions about the transparency and the judgment of those that lead HINDRAF. Ramaji is the “Spiritual Advisor” of HINDRAF. If your spiritual advisor is not in sync with your cause, one wonders who is?

How did you go about choosing your spiritual advisor in the first place? Isn’t he supposed to be your organization’s internal compass? Either you chose a faulty compass or your ship is sailing in the wrong direction. Either way you got it wrong!

Waytha Moorthi went on to apologize for concealing these crucial facts all these while. According to him, he did this “solely to protect the unity and integrity of HINDRAF and to avoid the breakup of HINDRAF”.

One begins to wonder what else is Waytha Moorthi concealing from the public in order to avoid “the breakup of HINDRAF?” Perhaps he will one day admit that the people’s genuine support for HINDRAF had been hijacked by certain political personalities for their own agenda?

If it is true Vasanthakumar is an agent of Special Branch, one wonders who else in HINDRAF is an agent of God knows what agency from God knows what country?

Instead of such outlandish accusations isn’t it better for the leaders of HINDRAF to look at their internal squabbles and settle it internally?

In a way, I do understand the dilemma faced by HINDRAF’s leadership. As in any organization, when it grows bigger and becomes more powerful, internal pressure and human nature will make it more difficult to maintain a cohesive front. It is something that they must deal with. This is when the original aim and its delivery on promises will be tested. It is time to walk the talk, not a time to keep blaming others.

How long will HINDRAF keep on blaming everything that is wrong on the BN Government and MIC? Now that they have internal squabbles, there it is again, the convenient bogeyman to point the accusing finger.

Recently someone wrote in Malaysiakini that HINDRAF had been betrayed by the PR in the four new states ruled by them. The writer went on to state that nothing much had changed and PR failed to deliver on the election promises.

Actually, PR didn’t betray the Indian Community.

We were betrayed by the people that asked us to vote for the PR blindly!

PR was just being a political organization that made use of the opportunity.

Mind you, BN had its faults and that is the reason why we performed poorly on GE12. It wasn’t anyone’s doing but ours. We admit that.

Likewise, whether HINDRAF is to progress as an organization or falter will depend entirely on HINDRAF and not outside forces.

Please stop blaming everything on the Government, BN and MIC. Perhaps MIC’s splinter group could be up to something with HINDRAF’s splinter group. We do not know.

MIC has no time or the inclination to meddle into the affairs of others. We are busy getting our act together and reinventing ourselves in order to serve the community better.

Stop crying wolf all the time for people will stop paying attention after a while.

Murugesan Sinnandavar


mohan said...

Understand whats happening !
Hindraf as a oranization may be in tatters .... due to human nature of inidividuals...
but the spirit with which it has initiated the indians is far more than what meets the eye .

So people like me will never support MIC again, wake up ! for ur information my father was in MIC div chairman way before samy vellu... unless there is drastic change in MIC or and its leadership ...forget it , u will never get the support of the indians. Buka mata see things objectively ...

Ganesan Moorthy said...

Mr. Mohan,

Just because your father failed.... doesn't mean every subsequent member of MIC would as well.

Please take your own advise and “Buka Mata and see things objectively.” I fear though the myopia and defeatist behavior of the previous generation is hard to eradicate.

Mohan…we are all Indians, Hindraf or otherwise, before your fathers generation and before Samy Velu.. We are not quitters like some in the past and neither are we deserters like many in the present. We will continue our struggle, we will fight for our dignity and we will overcome…. with or without you.


Anonymous said...

Bro Muru,
I am sure Waytha Moorthy know what he is doing, he wont simply say something without analysing. Fyi, our Malaysia Special Branch capabale of doing this, don't tell me you don't know.


S.Murugesan said...

I would like thank all readers for their comments. I have published all comments even it has been highly critical of me or MIC.

However, please note that comments that don't carry a name or pseudonym will not be published.

Two comments for the this post had not been published for this very reason. One anonymous reader even challenged me to an open debate. One wonders how to engage a person in debate when he chooses to remain nameless.

Meenachi Indian said...


how can MIC be reinvented when it has died a painful death? It is the end of the road for the MIC and I believe its time you realised this glaring fact. As for Hindraf, regardless what occurs internally or externally - the movement will always have the people's support. Let me give an analogy of sorts - Hindraf is Krishna and the MIC is the infamous Narakasuran. Thanks to Hindraf's efforts the malaysian indian community's narakasuran has been partially vanquished. Insyaallah, by the job will be finished by the next GE.

Kuamr.K said...

Malaysian special branch is capable of many things but please spare me the ernest BS. You think Waytha Moorthy is incapabel of of any stealthness??

open your eyes, wake up bro, or has the rasta dreadlocks dampened your shrewdness

Kumar Karuppan

Ramesh Kannah said...

Meenachi Indian has very astute observations. Perhaps MIC should close shop immediately upon her earnest request. Then Hindraf, PKR and the likes may be better able to roam around freely without fear of anyone keeping an eye on their short comings. Great; that’s how UMNO was able to muffle MIC in the first place; because our forefathers had the same muted mentality like that of Meenachi Indian.

What I have noticed amongst our Indians is that we are extreme in our thinking; either we die or we kill. No other must be able to subsist alongside. Another interesting trait we inherently posses is that even if PKR is the machinery of a greedy few, they will get the votes of people like Meenachi Indian. Even with all the short comings of PKR and Hindraff; they will have the support of people like meenachi, even if PKR in its brief tenure has been proven to be corrupt, we will support PKR because of our “BODOH SOMBONG” ego!

MIC pack your bag and leave because we have superintend Meenachi Indian and the likes of her to ensure that excuses for PKR’s weaknesses will be sensationally and in exhaustively supplied.


Arumugam Sivalingam said...

Wow !! Meenachi, your analogy is comparable to having someone swear on the holy book that they are innocent. Which Planet are you from la?


Kay said...

Hey Ms/mr meenachi n Rasta, how long the support for hindraf gonna last? Jokers who are not capable of being critical..support someone so blindly..that one wonders you guys got a backbone or sorts..
wow, even god comes down n says Waytha is wrong..u guys would punish god!..see wat i mean..blind devotion without essential substance to back it up....in another word...stupid.

Anyways, do enjoy reading this link...Malays & Racism..ought to love it....

Meenachi Indian said...

stop being so myopic. MIC stood for racism just like Umno and MCA. And as long as race based politics exist - there will be 1st, 2nd qnd 3rd class citizens. Calling for the closure of MIC does not mean that one is being extreme - its merely asking for the termination of an organisation which has failed to represent the Indians here. Yes agreed, Hindraf and PKR dop have their short comings but these are nothing compared to the RM 110 mil which MIC robbed from the poor Indian community as well as the Telekom shares which was swallowed-up by you know who. If you still think that the MIC is relevant to the Indians - God help you.


whichever planet I am from - I believe that the anology fits well an organisation which bled the community it is supposed to represent, dry. Indian are better off without the MIC.


whose talking about Waytha here? Hindraf brought about an awakening which helped weaken BN - if you are not able to see that - not only are you naive but also not that smart. As for racism - it will always exist as long as Umno, MIC and MCA exist. The MIC has done the Indian community much more deservice than the Malays. Grow a backbone as its you who is not able to widen your perspective.

dr_vasan said...

When that poor fellow joined you guys, he was not an SB.
When he stood by your and your brother, he was not SB.
When he was locked up with your brother, after you ran away, he was not Hindraf.
When he issued statements out of jail, he was not SB.

But now suddenly out of the blue he becomes and SB? How ah?
Whats the logis here. Maybe he got turned over by the authorities like Tamil movies...brainwashed.
You, Wythamoorthy are a disgrace. You destroyed whatever that was left by uncle Sam. You divided us more than what the Tamil newspapers did.
Now you have this bunch of people who think Hindraf is a great organisation and keep sending you money while families of jailed leaders suffer.
Keep up your good job. As long as you have people to fool, you will survive.

Now can we have accounts of Hindraf please? I bought some Hindraf sticker for RM10 once upon a time and I have the right to the accounts? Who is paying your long overdued stay in the UK.

I have been there and know it is not cheap. Maybe Anwar is funding with the bulk of money he got from the Americans and the Jews.

And please, please brother don't ever sat Hindraf is apolitical.
It is not. I know Anwar contacted you and your brother the day we had the rally last year and your and your so called leaders hid yourselves at a temple in centre of town to avoid talking and answering to him.

You and Hindraf have become political tools of Anwar bin Ibrahim. Just come out and admit it. You do not fight for the community but use the community to fight for you and your brother.

I challenge this operators to publish this true facts!

Anonymous said...

Hindraf born due to necessities that exist. No Indian would have fought so bravely without nothing in return.Have MIC fought for the Indian, yes maybe in the beginning 50's to 80's than it loose it tooth. I use to adore Datuk Seri in the 80's when he used to fight for our right.In 90's MIC become yes man to UMNO just like the others.

The masses need someone brave enough to come forward and fight for their rights thus born Hindraf. The lawsuit against the British goverment was a masterpiece. Any fool especially lawyers should know it was a Raja Thantiram that awake the masses. And thus MIC, which have been in slumber died before it can wake up to the cry of masses.


Vijayan Siva prakash said...

My remarks is for Mohan and Meenchi Indian,

Mohan, its people like your father who had contributed to the state MIC is in today. They were supposed to have been the stalwart’s of the organization, yet they plundered all they could for themselves and their family. As your father was a main player in MIC, you should know this fact better.

What material wealth your enjoy today is from the blood, sweat and tears of our fathers. Please don’t give me the crap that its not and don’t give us this holier then though crap that your father was different either. Your father and the likes of him were the ones that brought MIC down.

It’s the new generation leaders of MIC who owe the community nothing, who incidentally made a success of themselves without the help of MIC and who don’t owe MIC a cent who is trying to make a difference and repair the rot that people your father are responsible for. Instead of aiding them in exposing the misdeeds, you’re blasting them. What are you afraid of; some corrupt old timers might be exposed perhaps?

As for Meenachi Indain,

Same old spin over and over again Meenachi, what are you, some angry teenager? Hey give us something original la… you ill mannered unreasonable child. You are not politically savvy; you are just hijacking words and opinions from other people and other blogs and bouncing it off against each other.


Rajeshwaran said...

Just as HINDRAFF has Raja thanthiram, we Indians have emotional logic; devoid of any critical thinking capabilities, foresightedness or sound judgment.

Muru, please get out when the going is good. You don’t owe MIC anything and you certainly don’t owe your absent minded critiques anything either. Why do you have to defend the corrupt predecessors of MIC and subject your self to all this senseless abuse?

Look, even the children of these corrupt predecessors are washing their hands(Mohan for example).

Ours is a race of people with incredible reasoning , who are unable to connect two and two and get four. They are going to tear you into pieces and when they are done only then they will regret and cry over what they have lost.

You are a good and decent guy. I admire you and I don’t want to see this happening to you.

Get Out… now!!!


Jayanthi Murugan said...

Thank you Meenachi Indian….So we will wait for PKR to hit the 110 mil mark and more. Not to worry, looking at their track record it wont be long.


YEGAN said...






MARGEEMAR HAD EXPOSED YOUR BLOGTRROPERS.... http://margeemar.blogspot.com/2008/09/margeemar-scribe-was-right-about.html

YEGAN said...



YEGAN said...



Maaran Matters said...

Dear Muru,

Could MIC have achieved all this being part of the government for past 51 years and still is.....

HINDRAF did it.

For every changes that happen in Malaysia because of the sacrifices made by our leaders in HINDRAF, lets Give Thanks.

1) For many of my friends and people i know who were given promotion in their jobs in goverment service
Thank you Hindraf

2) When the PM came to Shah Alam before the GE, he was welcomed with our Indian Drums
Thank you Hindraf

3) For Advertisments today, indians faces included in equal numbers
Thank you Hindraf

4) For the advertisment i heard in the radio on how, we can apply for fund for study and business from Gov
Thank you Hindraf

5) 51st Merdeka Front page picture, Indian Boy waves flag in front of PM
Thank you Hindraf

6) This years Merdeka theme song, Indians featured and face shown equally on air
Thank you Hindraf

7) Our famous indian Group Alley Cat called to sing at many goverment functions
Thank you Hindraf

I'm thinking.......what else... oh yes this is a big one... biggest suprise gift

8) No one in the whole universe though that Samy Velu will loose including aliens living in the other planets

9) For helping the MIC realise that the is serious problems with how they work
Thank You Hindraf

10) For up holding the Dignity of Indians in Malaysia and the blood our forefather bled while building our
beloved country togather with our brothers and sisters from other races
Thank You Hindraf

11) Recently people who have hatered in the heart surfaced like worms from wounds when soaked by the
HINDRAF salt ( Teacher in Banting insults student and many more surfacing).
Thank you Hindraf


S.Murugesan said...

Well Yegan, now YOU decide who can speak on what matters in Malaysia?!!! Who appointed you as the keeper of our collective conscience?

I have my views and you have yours. I might not agree with you but I will respect your right to say it. Unlike you, I will not ridicule, degrade nor verbally abuse anyone for holding a view different from mine. Thats democracy.

Where were you Yegan where were you when margeemar called Punithan Shan "pariah"? How is it its ok when one indian calls another Indian Pariah but we get so offended when another race use it against one of their own?

Punithan Shan is a doctor in the making. He has his views and had expressed it. Go ahead Yegan, demonise everyone whose views that are opposed to yours.

Its people like you that become dictators once they have power. Its people like you that fuel dictatorship.For you there is only one view of the the universe and thats how you see it!

S.Murugesan said...

Dear Maaran Matters,

ALL the things that you have listed out were in existence and were practiced even before you heard the name hindraf or makkal sakthi.

Just as an example, Alleycats have always been a hit with all Malaysians and have performed in many government functions before hindraf came into existence. Another example, MIC Youth were there at the Teluk Panglima Garang issue. Where were all the elected elected PR representatives on that issue?

Should I also thank hindraf for being allowed to vote or practice as a lawyer?

I am not against the existence of hindraf or makkal sakthi but just wish to put things in perspective.

Why are Malaysian Indians so committed to blind loyalty? Before this it was blind loyalty to the ruling government and now it is to hindraf!

We Indians need a non political organization that could swing votes like the Chinese Dong Jiong. Being part of the ruling coalition, we members of MIC could not openly initiate it. However, we must also not allow any such organization to be used or hijacked by the opposition or any political entity for that matter.

Open your eyes and minds. Discuss issues instead of blind loyalty.

Rajeshwaran said...

You see Muru, comments from people like Yegan and Maaran Matters serves to further reinforce my advice to you. These people have no grasp on reality much less any ideas of good governance. What they have in abundance is blind arrogance. They are taking their anger and frustrations about their personal failure out on you.

In our community there are more people like these two then there are like you or I. You are a successful lawyer who made it good all by yourself. You don’t owe these fellows anything. The only gratitude you are going to get from people like these is contempt and indifference. Do you need this?

Think Carefully

Adithya Nair said...

In response to Yegan and Margeemer:-

The only thing we achieve when we call someone a pariah is to prove that it is the name caller who actually fits the description of the diatribe.

Why are HINDRAF via their supporters being so defensive? If HINDRAF has really nothing to fear or hide, be transparent. What are you afraid of? Instead of standing by your accounts and substantiating them, you are deflecting the issue by calling MIC and its supporters juvenile names.

HINDRAF is slowly morphing into all that they have accused MIC of being .Don’t sabotage your own run la bro. Just do the needful….be transparent.


Ramesh said...

Ya!! Whats the problem? Why is Hindraf being so defensive and illusive? It looks like Hindraf has something to hide.

Nadagam vena, accounts venum!

Meenachi Indian said...

never did I say that I was politically savvy nor am I regurgitating what's been already said. It is sad that you are so caught-up in the MIC's spin bnot to realise that almost every Indian disillusioned with the MIC has the same grouse.You are right about one thing though - I am indeed angry, matter of fact I am very very angry for being let down by the MIC which was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting my rights. Angry with all the self-absorbed MIC goons who worked hard at enriching themselves and their cronnies instead of representing the needs of the community.

As for you Jaya, what on earth are you talking about? Or rather do you know what you are saying? By comparing Pakatan Rakyat with the MIC, you have only proven that you are ignorant of mny things and that you are blinded to the extent of not realising that the RM110 mil was the sweat and blood collected from the working class Indian. Is the Pakatan Rakyat doing the same? is it collecting hard earned funds from the working class Indians?

Jaya said...

Obviously Meenachi, you have missed the plot again. Yes, many in MIC are corrupt , the old timers mainly. PKR’s corruption has also been exposed. It is true BN has a vested interest in exposing the corruption within PKR.

None the less, corruption is corruption, let’s expose, eradicate and recover all. So when would you like that done, after PKR has hit the 110 mil mark?

Jayanthi Murugan

Meenachi Indian said...


this is my second response to your post. You are either naive or clueless. The MIC cheated grassroots Indians of their hard earned money with false promises of a bright future. I can't remember PKR doing the same. The issue here is how the MIC ripped off those whom they represented. Besides, having tainted hands some MIC chaps are also known to be shady when it comes to the fairer sex.

I hope Murugesan let's this through. this is my second response. If he keeps on preventing responses from being posted - this blog is going to turn into a monologue.

S.Murugesan said...

Dear Meenachi Indian,

Your previous comment was not published for the simple reason that you made baseless allegation against another in the name of replying to Jeyanthi. Please stick to the topic. If you have a bone to pick with Jeyanthi, MIC or anyone else, write it in your own blog and make your stand there.

All readers,

While I value all comments (even those that are critical of me, MIC or BN) and publish comments that does not infringe the ground rules, articles published elsewhere or forwarded e-mails will not be published here as "comments". Leaving aside the issue of copyright, I do not wish this blog to be turned into a battle ground for someone else's view.

On the same token, Lazarus, yous sentiment is noted and I am sure readers would be be more then pleased to log on to your blog and reader your article there.

Thank you.