Friday, June 12, 2020

Is Your comfort Zone Killing you without you even knowing it?


Is Your comfort Zone Killing you without you even knowing it?

How to break free of your comfort zone?

Is Your Comfort Zone Killing You, even without you knowing it?
This video explains how we fall into the comfort zone trap and how our comfort zone is limiting our growth. 
Break out of your comfort zone and live your dream.


Monday, June 1, 2020

Youtube Video - How To Deal With Gossips and Toxic Comments

In thisYoutube Video I talked about 'How To Deal With Gossips and Toxic Comments'

Youtube Video - How To Deal With Gossips and Toxic Comments 

This is the link.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Online Interview with First Malaysians to summit Everest

Online Interview with First Malaysians to summit Everest 

During the MCO  interviewed the first Malaysians to summit Mount Everest. I have edited and uploaded the Video on Youtube. I have also added some photos. Can watch the video here. Please subscribe to the Channel for more such videos.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Old Papaya Tree

The Old Papaya Tree 

I have a tall big papaya tree at the back of my house.  Probably 20 feet tall. The tree has gotten old and its’ roots has become a threat to my drain.  Besides, the fruits were getting smaller and irregular in size.

It is time to cut it down and so I did. I threw the chopped up trunk and leaves into a compost heap. As I saw the pieces of the tree on that heap, a feeling of sadness came over me.

I do not know how that tree ended up growing in my back yard. I didn’t plant it. Probably grew out of some seeds that I threw or from some bird droppings. First saw it when it was about 6 inches tall. It grew. I allowed it. Didn’t water it, thou. It gave fruits; big ones, over a foot long. Tender, mildly sweet fruits. I ate it all up. And it kept giving fruits. That tree has nourished me, my family and friends. Nothing in return was asked of me. That tree has given me so much, unasked and unconditionally. I am eternally grateful for it.

The tree trunk and leaves will decay and become part of the soil, one with the earth. It came from the earth and to earth it shall return. Even then, it will nourish other plants. 

Perhaps some of its’ seeds that I have thrown in the yard will sprout and come to life again as another tree. 

A part that plant lives in me. It lives as molecules in my body, from all the fruits that I ate. It lives as memories in my mind, in its giving, in its unqualified generosity and love.  

One day, this too will die. The body will return to the earth and nourish other life forms. Whether it lives on in anyone’s memory, depends if it has given itself when living, in kindness and love. 

Life is a circle.


Saturday, March 28, 2020

If Ants Can Do It, So Can We

28th March, 2020

If Ants Can Do It, So Can We

I have a compost pit at the back of my house. I throw dried leaves and cut branches into it and let it decompose. I dug the pit two years ago and have kept heaping cut vegetation in it from time to time.

Now that I have ample time and in dire need of exercise, I decided to dig up  the pit and collect the compost. I saw nice black soil as I cleared the top layer. 

There was an ant nest partially built in the black soil and partially in the yellow soil that formed the wall of the pit. I must have disturbed the nest as little black ants were scrambling all over as I was digging. 

Being the brave warrior that I am, undeterred by the vicious ant attacks, I collected the rich black earth into three large plastic basins. 

I moved the basins to another place and started removing dried twigs from the heap. Ants were still scrambling in the basins as I combed the soil with my garden fork.

As I progressed to the third basin, I noticed something strange happening in the first basin. Tiny white dots, barely noticeable, as if by magic, started appearing on top of the black soil in the first basin. The same thing was happening on the second basin, only this had less white dots but steadily increasing as time went by. Tiny little dots started appearing on the third basin as well as I left it alone.

What unfolded was fascinating. Little worker ants were bringing the white   little ‘dots' to the surface and go back into the soil, probably to bring up more. In about ten minutes, all the three basins were sprinkled with tiny little white dots.

I decided to leave the basins in the garden and call it a day. It was getting dark.

I went back to my garden two days later to check on the basins. All the white dots were gone. So had the black ants from the basins. I looked around and noticed a new ant nest at the other end of the pit. The ants have moved and  were building a new nest. I just destroyed their nest two days ago and they had a new colony up and going in no time.

I googled about the tiny little white ‘dots’. They were eggs. Ant eggs. The little black worker ants had instinctively rescued their unborn young. That’s the first thing they did, besides attacking me. I don’t think the Queen Ant or anyone else in charge gave out the orders. The worker ants just did what had to be done. They saved their eggs or the next generation so to speak.

They must have regrouped over the night or the next day. They are rebuilding now. No complaining. The ants just did what needs to be done. First, salvage. Second, regroup. Third, rebuild.

Those tiny little black ants in my garden, with tiny little brains had survived their equivalent of a Singapore sized asteroid strike.

If ants can do it, so can we. 

Yes, we too will survive this Covid-19 Pandemic and come out of it better. In the long term. Immediate hardship is inevitable. Whatever said about humankind’s stupidity and greed, I believe we have an in-built self correcting system in us, as species. 

At the moment our front-line workers are fighting tirelessly to contain the virus and heal those infected. They are salvaging the situation and securing our future.

We are regrouping was we speak and are pushing back hard. Countries are reaching across borders to help one another. Neighbours are looking out for each other. I see young volunteers stepping forward to feed the helpless. Opportunists are being frowned upon and bigots are told to shut up. Everyone is standing up to be counted and that is by staying at home.

I see light. And rebuild we shall. Lessons need to be learnt. Our arrogance as a species must surely be tempered with humility. 

Mother Nature is holding us accountable. She always does; only we keep forgetting. Today it is this virus, tomorrow it can be another virus, or climate change or something else. Different time, different drama but same lesson - respect and love one another and all of God’s creation. 

Time and love will heal everything, even this. Let time take care of itself. Let love heal mother nature, heal relationships and most importantly heal oneself.

I leave you with the wise words of the Great Master Yoda “Do this, we must, eermmh.”


P.S. I came across an interesting article whilst googling about ants. A research was done by University of Lausanne, Switzerland on colonies of ‘Lasius niger’ ants. The study showed that when foraging ants were exposed to a fungal pathogen, they reduce their contact with workers inside the nest and thus reduce the spread of infections and protect healthy workers and the queen from disease. 

We are in this together

22nd March 2020

We are in this together.

We didn’t ask for it but here it is and we have to deal with it.

I see nurses falling from exhaustion and doctors crying in frustration.

I see calls by constables and my King falling on deaf ears.

I see small traders close shop and worry about the next month’s bill.

I see shows cancelled and artists suffer in silence.

I see bigots attempting to interpret the situation to suit their dogma.

But I also see a silver lining.

I see workers sweep the road and bikers deliver food, not just to make a living but to keep the system going.

I see security forces keeping calm and keeping peace.

I see families having meals together.

I see fathers playing with their kids and mothers cooking lunch. 

This too shall pass one day. 

And we will be left with only memories. Some won’t be so lucky, through no fault of their own. 

How we deal with this today will be recorded in our memories and in history. Let’s do this right and do our part.

We are in this together. We can only win this together.