Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pendatang Asing?

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your comments and views. I have published all comments, except for those that do not carry a name or pseudonym. One comment was not published as it was a reproduction of an article published elsewhere. I value all comments, both in support and against. However, I have removed the chat-box as it is being abused to post lengthy comments and defamatory remarks.

As for Thefirewithin, I will try to write more often and keep it short. What to do, the nature of my profession as a lawyer had conditioned me to write lengthy 'submissions' and to cover all angels. Thefirewithin, if you had read my previous post, I don't think BN, UMNO, MIC or for that matter DSSV would be too happy about it. I pen my thoughts with my conscience, decorum and law as my guide. Thanks for enquiring about my arm; it was my right foot actually. Nice of you to enquire, really.

Now, on with our business.

It was brought to my attention the following paragraph from a Form Four Textbook, "Sejarah Tingkatan 4 (Edisi 2007) - Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka" under the heading "Kemasukan Buruh dari India", at page 255:

"Ringkasnya, kemajuan dan kemakmuran Tanah Melayu telah berjaya menarik minat imigran untuk datang ke sini dan keadaan ini berterusan hingga kini. Kita seharusnya berbangga dengan negara kita yang menjadi tumpuan pendatang asing kerana kekayaan dan kemakmurannya. Di satu sudut yang lain pula, masyarakat tempatan seharusnya lebih giat, berinisiatif dan bersedia mengusahakan sendiri kekayaan negara, terutamanya bagi mereka yang tidak bermodal besar. Jika tidak, orang asing yang sentiasa mengintai peluang untuk mengambil ruang tersebut, akan mengambil alih peranan kita, seperti yang berlaku pada hari ini."

Who are the "pendatang asing" they are referring to? If the Chinese and Indians are still referred to as the "pendatang asing", even after 51 years of "Merdeka", where does that leave us as a nation? What has become of our National Integration if our text-book refer to the Chinese and Indians as "pendatang asing"?
Remember the uproar that was caused a decade ago when Lee Kim Sai (if I am not mistaken) of MCA said that if Chinese and Indians are "pendatang", then historically Malays are also "pendatang"?

The above mentioned textbook was written from a point of view of a Malay, not Malaysian. How can we ever dream of becoming One Nation if our history is written with such myopic view?

I had highlighted this issue to the press during the press conference held in conjunction with the opening ceremony of MIC Youth's new office. I am not sure how many newspapers will carry this story but as of now I was informed that Sin Chew Daily will carry it. Probably the Tamil Dailies will too.

In any event, this issue, together with the Teluk Panglima Garang teacher's issue will be some of the matters that will be raised at the next BN Education Bureau meeting.

Before I sign off, my apologies if I write infrequently. However, I will not write unless I have some undiscovered facts or a fresh point of view to share. At times the nature of my profession is such that it throws up sudden and urgent work.

Have a good weekend. I am off to Pangkor with my division youths for a short break. God bless Malaysia.

Murugesan Sinnandavar


Rakyat Jelata said...

Ini adalah amat jelas sekali perlaksanaan dwi-piawai (Double Standard) oleh BN.
Adakah Dato Ahmad Ismail berhak bercakap apa saja oleh sebab beliau ahli UMNO?
Adakah ini merupakan satu lagi "Keistimewaan" kepada ahli UMNO?

Semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira bangsa dan latar belakang harus bangkit membantah sekeras-kerasnya kenyataan Ahmad Ismail & pemimpin UMNO yang tidak bertindak.

Rakyat menyeru supaya bebaskan tokoh Hindaf ataupun penjarakan Dato Ahmad Ismail sama sekali.

Nanthakumaran said...

Yes, we Indians and Chinese are “pendatang asing.” Our forefathers came to this land some 50 to 100 years ago not for a free ride. Their blood, sweat and tears made this country into what it is today….err…..Sorry! Actually together they made Malaysia a successful and progressive nation. It would be highly unjust to blame then for the state it is in now. For this, the award goes to the non “pendatang asings.”

Incidentally The Indonesians are “pendatang asings” too. Their history and contribution to this nation is much recent and less reverent then of the Chinese and the Indians. One example; did they contribute to the struggle for the independence of this nation? On the contrary; anyone remember ‘KONFRANTISI’? It is incredible the status they enjoy in this land today.

In Malaysia you cant say ‘one for all and all for one’. Here its ‘all for one and one take all!!!’ No prizes for guessing who takes it all.