Wednesday, November 5, 2008

War in Sri Lanka - Press Report


Greetings to all, updates from the Sri Lankan Embassy Demonstration earlier today.

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More than 200 people from MIC Youth and several non-governmental organizations staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the Sri Lankan High Commission here yesterday.
They were protesting against the Sri Lankan government's continued air and ground attacks against Sri Lankan Tamils resulting in innocent men, women and children being killed and maimed.

The demonstration which was led by MIC Youth deputy coordinator S. Murugesan and MIC Youth advisory council chairman S. Ramis. MIC Youth coordinator T. Mohan and S. Vell Paari were present to give their moral support.

All the members wore black armbands while some carried placards depicting the pictures of the affected women, children and damaged houses.

However they decided not to submit a memorandum of protest to the High Commission after their officials insisted on only allowing MIC Youth officials to present it.

Murugesan said that it was unacceptable as MIC Youth had already informed the High Commission that they were coming together to hand over the memorandum.

"It seems that the High Commission wants to divide the MIC Youth and the ngos. Their condition is unacceptable," he told reporters later.

Earlier a High Commission official only wanted to allow two people to go into their premises to submit their memorandum but later relented to allow five of them.

The official requested for the identification cards of the five representatives including three ngo representatives which he took into the premises but later came back and said that only the MIC Youth representatives would be allowed in.

Murugesan said that they would initiate a campaign to urge Malaysians to boycott Sri Lanka products as well as the Sri Lanka airlines.

"We would be having another demonstration with a much bigger crowd in the near future. We will show our strength," he said.


Anonymous said...

An international condemnation of this reprehensible act by the Sri Lankan Government towards helpless civilians in Sri Lanka especially in Jaffana, is necessary to put a stop these atrocities. The Sri Lankan Government, from being a legitimate rule is slowly transforming into a wicked regime that is bent on persecution the innocent.

M. Kanagasabai

Asirbatha Nathan said...

Hi Bro,

Malaysian people are generally selfish. They don’t care what’s happening in Sri Lankan. Unless of course there is something extrinsic that they can cash in on. For example after the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, many organizations were up in arms about it collecting money, a sizable portion of which were pocketed by select few.

Speaking about cashing in, mark my words; just look at how many who were not there in the first rally will turn up at your next demonstration to try and steal the credit or at least get some limelight. This is Malaysia bro!

Most of us in this country like to get in on international controversy only if we can get some mileage from it. Also, believe me many will be now asking why MIC is so exited about situations in another country when the Indians in Malaysia are suffering. These are the same people who will be asking MIC what they will be doing about The innocent Sri Lankan’s had MIC not done anything at all to begin with.

Anyway all the best to you on your noble cause