Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Waste Not

Had a very interesting conversation with a "solid waste" (meaning our everyday garbage) expert.

Did you know that:

- gasses emitted from landfills is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses in Malaysia?
(smoke from power stations comes next and vehicle exhaust fumes only comes in third);

- there is no such thing as 100% 'safe' incinerator in the world. Accidents and explosions occur even at sites managed by the most advanced countries such Japan, Germany and Holland. Even with the 'cleanest' incinerators, 5% of the remnant  ash is toxic and these are even harder to dispose then the actual waste.

- organic waste is more of a health hazard then non-organic waste as they emit methane gases, foul odour and poison our underground water system.

Lesson from it all?

I guess we have recycle more and waste less.

Lets do our part to help earth heal itself.