Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Speech at Save Malaysia Gathering

27th March, 2016
Shah Alam Convention Centre

Good afternoon.

I come here today not as the former Secretary General of MIC nor as a member of MIC.

I come here as a concerned citizen of Malaysia to say what is on my mind. Nothing more, nothing less.

Martin Luther King once said, “ultimately along the way of life, an individual must stand up and be counted and be willing to face the consequences whatever they are.”

I think the time has come for ME to stand up and be counted. And here I am.

I think the time for all Malaysians to stand up and be counted has come too.

Corruption in this country has reached the highest level and to such dizzying heights where we now look at the embezzlement of 100 million as a small amount. (I think all of you know it is small compared to what).

Yes we usually make some noise about it. Write some comments on FB or tweeter and after some time move on to other things to complain about.

We seldom do anything about it.

We always assume that somebody else will do something about it.

(Well guess what? There is nobody else but us citizens of this country. If we don’t do something about it, nobody else will.)

For the longest time Malaysians have been craving for change. But believe me, that change will not come until and unless we as citizens of this country stand up, speak up and bring about THAT change.

My fellow Malaysians, please ask yourself these questions:

Will you be living behind a better Malaysia for your children then the one that you inherited from your parents?

Is this the sort of Malaysia that you want your children and their children’s children to grow up in?

If the answer is no, then we must do something. Its our responsibility to leave behind a better Nation for our children.

Therefore, my dear fellow citizens,
If it is not us, then who?
If it is not  now, then when?

And to my friends in BN - For how long will you remain silent?

For how long are you going to defend the indefensible?

Enough is enough.

Wahai rakan-rakan sekalian, untuk berapa lamakah anda ingin menegakkan benang yang basah?

Tolonglah ingat prinsip rukun negara:

“Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara”

Ya, kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara, bukannya kesetiaan kepada pemimpin.

Dan pastinya bukan kesetiaan kepada pemimpin tertentu.

Kesetiaan kita kepada pemimpin adalah terhad, iaitu kita harus setia kepada pemimpin setakat mana beliau sendiri setia kepada Negara dan bertindak demi kepentingan negara.

Apabila seseorang pemimpin tidak lagi setia kepada Negara, maka kita juga tidak perlu setia kepada pemimpin tersebut.
Malah, jikalau  kita masih mendokong pemimpin tersebut tanpa menghiraukan kesannya kepada negara kerana kongkongan parti politik atau kepentingan peribadi, maka kita sendiri telah menderhaka terhadap kepada Negara kita.

My fellow Malaysians,

Malaysia was at one time poised to be one of the young tigers of Asia. Right now we are struggling not to be at the bottom of the pit.

Speakers before me have spoken extensively about the current situation in our country and I do not wish to repeat the same thing here.

I invite my fellow citizens to look at the long term reform needed to strengthen democracy and accountability in Malaysia.

In a democracy, leaders come and go. Sometimes the going part is a little more harder.

But the mechanism that ensures that leaders that come, adhere to democratic principles are its legal institutions.

These legal institutions are the pillars that uphold our democracy.

These institutions are the ones that stand between tyranny cloaked in democracy and the liberty of its people.

Over the years we have seen the all powerful executive branch of our government usurp and undermine these pillars of democracy.

What are some of these institutions that have come under threat and what is that we need?

We need a free and independent judiciary,
a press that dares to write the truth without fear of punitive action,
an Attorney General Chambers that is free to prosecute wrongdoers without fear or favour,
an Anti Corruption Agency that is allowed to do its job without external interference and
a Registrar of Societies that is truly unbiased,  just to name a few.

The AG Chambers which is invested with powers to prosecute wrongdoers is the latest to be undermined in our country. All of you know what happened. What is the big hurry in replacing an Attorney General with only 69 days remaining for him in office? His abrupt removal under the prevailing circumstances can only imply a more sinister plot underneath.

MACC, the body entrusted to weed out corruption has been so undermined that whenever it charges someone, it is either a small fry, an opposition leader or own party leaders that the powers that be want to get rid off. And whenever this body is seen actually doing its job, you see high ranking officers being transferred with immediate effect.
How can a supposedly independent body function under such circumstances?

We have also seen in recent times that the Registrar of Societies lording over societies and political parties. The Societies Act that was enacted to ensure more self-governance of societies and political parties has been so twisted in its interpretation that the Registrar of Societies can effectively strip the powers of an elected president and ultimately hold the power of life and death over any organization. I think most political parties had such an encounter with the ROS.

My fellow citizens, the movement that has been started now is unprecedented in our nation’s history.

Leaders and representatives of different and even opposing political parties are here, NGOs, members of civil society and people of all ages, of all walks of life, of different ethnicity and religion are here.

We are so diverse and yet are all united by a common cause – Towards a better Malaysia. And I am proud to be part of this movement.

Together I truly believe we can build a better Malaysia.

That is why I feel that this movement isn’t just about one man.

This movement is about the aspiration of every single Malaysian for a better Malaysia, free from corruption and abuse of power.

I would like to recite a phrase from Thirukural, the Tamil treasure trove of wisdom for all ages and all aspects of life as a reminder for all Malaysians.

Idipparai Illathe Yemaraa Manan

Kedupar Illa-nung Kedum

It means - A leader without men to rebuke him will perish even without enemies to destroy him.

I always believe that the role of citizens in a healthy democracy is not merely to vote once every five years but also to ensure that those elected into power are not corrupt and abide by the underlining principles of democracy throughout.

And that is why robust and independent legal institutions  are a must in a true democracy. These are the institutions that provide the check and balance in a democracy.

We should not allow any politician or political party to undermine these institutions, whoever they are.

Any other interpretation of democracy nullifies  the notion of

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Yes, please remember that - for the people - the government of the day must be for the people, not to perpetuate its own survival.

God bless Malaysia. Lets save Malaysia.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Waste Not

Had a very interesting conversation with a "solid waste" (meaning our everyday garbage) expert.

Did you know that:

- gasses emitted from landfills is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses in Malaysia?
(smoke from power stations comes next and vehicle exhaust fumes only comes in third);

- there is no such thing as 100% 'safe' incinerator in the world. Accidents and explosions occur even at sites managed by the most advanced countries such Japan, Germany and Holland. Even with the 'cleanest' incinerators, 5% of the remnant  ash is toxic and these are even harder to dispose then the actual waste.

- organic waste is more of a health hazard then non-organic waste as they emit methane gases, foul odour and poison our underground water system.

Lesson from it all?

I guess we have recycle more and waste less.

Lets do our part to help earth heal itself.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 AkuJanji Kota Raja

Kenapa Banjir- salah satu manifesto Datuk S.Murugesan?

Ini kerana, Datuk S.Murugesan memahami masalah banjir telah menyebabkan kerugian harta benda, harga rumah jatuh, kesukaran mendapat pinjaman bank untuk membeli rumah dikawasan sering banjir. Datuk S.Murugesan akan mengambil pendekatan yang sewajarnya untuk mengatasi masalah banjir. Antara langkah-langkah yang akan diambil adalah, pelebaran sistem saliran peparitan, mendalamkan lagi longkang-longkang yang agak cetek, membersihkan longkang-longkang yang tersumbat dengan sampah dan lumut. Oleh itu, isu ini akan diberi keutamaan agar, masa yang akan datang, masalah ini dapat diatasi melalui wakil parlimen Datuk S.Murugesan
Kenapa Pengangkutan Bas - salah satu manifesto Datuk S.Murugesan?

Sistem pengangkutan yang tidak efisen menyebabkan ramai tidak berpeluang untuk berkerja di kota, tidak dapat ke tempat tujuan dengan masa yang sepatutnya dan lain-lain. Oleh itu, Datuk S.Murugesan akan meminta RapidKL untuk memperluaskan rangkaian perjalanan bas ke kawasan-kawasan Kota Raja yang tidak mempunyai sistem bas yang baik.

Kenapa Penurunan kadar jenayah - salah satu manifesto Datuk S.Murugesan
Datuk S.Murugesan akan menambahkan sistem kamera pemantauan keselamatan disekitar Johan Setia. Selain itu, Datuk S.Murugesan juga akan meminta pihak polis untuk menambahkan peronda motosikal di kawasan Kota Raja. Kadar jenayah dicatatkan menurun di kawasan-kawasan yang mempunyai pasukan peronda polis bermotosikal. Selain itu, Pasukan Rela juga akan diminta untuk membantu peronda Rukun Tetangga untuk menjaga keselamatan.

Kenapa Pusat Penjagaan kanak-kanak -salah satu manifesto Datuk S.Murugesan

Datuk S.Murugesan percaya ramai ibu di kawasan Kota Raja mempunyai masalah menghantar ana-anak mereka ke tempat pengasuh kerana kos yang tinggi, atau jauh dari tempat tinggal mereka. Oleh itu, ramai ibu tidak keluar berkerja, dan tidak mampu untuk bersaing dengan kos kehidupan yang making meningkat. Datuk 

Kenapa Kenapa Klinik 1 Malaysia- salah satu manifesto Datuk S.Murugesan

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak telah bersetuju dengan 5 AkuJanji Datuk S.Murugesan pada 22 April 2013. Salah satu janji adalah untuk membina 5 Klinik 1Malaysia di Kota Raja. Oleh itu, Datuk S.Murugesan boleh mencadangkan untuk membina Klinik 1Malaysia dikawasan ini, memandangkan pusat kesihatan lain terletak agak jauh dari kawasan ini

Manifesto tambahan untuk Kota Raja

Sekolah Menengah di Kota Kemuning
Sekolah Menengah yang sedia ada tidak dapat menampung pelajar di kawasan ini, menyebabkan pelajar-pelajar terpaksa ke sekolah menengah di kawasan luar dari Kota Kemuning

Memahami kehendak ini, Datuk S.Murugesan telah berbincang dengan Perdana Menteri, Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak dan beliau bersetuju untuk membina sekolah menengah di Kota Kemuning.

Lampu Jalan di kawasan Johan Setia
Datuk S.Murugesan akan meminta pihak JKR/TNB untuk mendirikan lebih banyak lampu jalan raya dikawasan ini. Datuk S.Murugesan memahami permintaan ini dari masyarakat setempat, oleh itu beliau akan menunaikan janji beliau

Pejabat Pos di Johan Setia
Pejabat pos telah menjadi satu kemudahan asas pada masa ini. Amat menghairankan kawasan ini tidak mempunyai pejebat pos. Oleh itu, Datuk S.Murugesan akan meminta pihak Pos Malaysia untuk membuka sebuah cawangan disini. Dengan ini, masyarakat di sini dapat menyelesaikan banyak aktiviti harian seperti bayaran bil, pengeposan dan lain-lain lagi dengan mudah

Dewan Serbaguna di Andalas 
Memandangkan tiada dewan serbaguna di kawasan Andalas, maka ramai masyarakat setempat terpaksa mengadakan majlis perkahwinan dan lain-lain majlis di kota yang bersebelahan. Oleh itu, untuk mengurangkan beban masyarakat di Andalas, Datuk S.Murugesan berjanji untuk membina sebuah dewan serbaguna di kawasan ini

Saturday, April 20, 2013

5 Pledges for Kota Raja Parliament

I have successfully sent in my nomination today morning (20 April 2013) as Kota Raja Parliament candidate (P111) representing Barisan Nasional. Along with me, there are three other candidates who has filed in their nomination namely, Dr Siti Mariah of PAS, Mr P.Uthayakumar of Human Rights Party (HRP) and Mr Azman Idrus as independent candidate. I would like to wish all of them all the best, and lets have healthy contest.

I have drawn out FIVE pledges for Kota Roja constituency, which will be within my means to fulfill when I am given the mandate. The LIMA AkuJanji is as below

1. Ensuring Safety/Security within the constituency/Menjamin Keselamatan penduduk di Parlimen Kota Raja

2. Addressing the flood problem/Menangani Masalah Banjir

3.Improving Public Transport and Roads/Meningkatkan pengangkutan awam dan jalan raya

4.Opening government day care centre/Membuka pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak kerajaan

5.Opening FIVE 1Malaysia clinics/Membuka LIMA Klinik 1Malaysia

I have to rush back now, so will update my blog on how I will implement these AkuJanji manifesto at nite or tomorrow when I find some time. I have opened the Bilik Gerakan Jentera Pilihan Raya Barisan Nasional at
No 37, Jalan 25/67, Taman Sri Muda. I may not be able to answer calls during this time, as I will be in busy with ceramah and campaigning work. So I suggest to contact my secretary Ms.Theeba at 0129720853.

All praises belong to God only


Thursday, March 29, 2012

MIC To Cater For All

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC's major challenge is to cater to the needs of Indians in the middle and higher income bracket, party secretary-general S. Murugesan said.

He said the party had shifted from merely focusing on the lower income group as the economic standing of the community had changed greatly.

“The party has been doing the same things for a long time, and failed to cater to the needs of the segment of the community which had moved up to the middle and higher income group,” he said.

Citing an example, he said the party was still carrying out activities such as the MyDaftar program-me to provide documentation in-cluding birth certificates and MyKad for the community, catering mainly to the lower income group in the rural areas.

“We need to transform to be relevant and cater to Indians who are educated and professionals with different needs. This is our challenge,” he said.

Murugesan said that under the leadership of Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, MIC was also trying to woo more Indian professionals and youths to join the party.

“We need new ideas and fresh perspectives on how to approach matters,'' he said, adding that all division leaders had been advised to be more inclusive and open up to new possibilities.

He said MIC had accepted that the country's political landscape had completely changed, and people were more vocal and expressive with the power of the Internet.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Deplorable Conditions of Low Cost Flats

Lifts that don't work, lights that don't work, railings that are stolen. These are some of the problems faced by the residents of a PPR flat in Kota Damansara.

SUBANG: A pregnant woman could not be rushed to the hospital and ended up giving birth in front of the lift door when the lifts in a low-cost flat here failed to function.

The residents of the PPR flat in Section 8, Kota Damansara, are living in extreme conditions, and this prompted a MIC leader to call on Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to set aside political differences.

MIC secretary-general S Murugesan said both the Federal Territory and Urban Well being Ministry and the Selangor state government must work together to resolve the residents’ woes.

“It is not about politics but a humanitarian issue. The welfare of the people is of importance and political differences should be set aside,” he told reporters after visiting the PPR flat yesterday.

Murugesan said he met with the maintenance company Nilsham Resources last week and was informed that the maintenance service was stopped after the residents did not pay rental.

However, the residents claimed that they had refused to pay rental after the maintenance overlooked their basic needs.

Speaking to FMT, B Paneer Selvam, who has been staying there for the past five years, said that the problems started after Pakatan took over Selangor.

The state government increased the rental from RM124 to RM250 in July, 2008.

“We were against the rental increase because we could not afford it,” he said, adding that a year later, the state government agreed to the old rate after a series of meetings.

“However, the new maintenance company appointed by Pakatan forced us to pay the one year arrears which is more than RM3,000. We are poor people who cannot fork out such a big sum and this led to the maintenance company withdrawing its services,” he said.

Faulty lifts are the main problem

Asked about the condition of the flats, Paneer said that faulty lifts were the main problem.

“There are three lifts for each block but only one functions. Furthermore, the lift stops automatically on each of the 18 floors, and it takes about 30 minutes to go up and down,” he added.

The flats was also littered with rubbish, and Paneer explained that it was because it took the residents a long time to take their rubbish to the ground floor.

He also said that drug addicts also frequented the flats, and there have been numerous robbery cases because the lights along the walkways were not working.

Relating another incident, Paneer said a child fell down the staircase because the railings had been stolen.

Murugesan said most PPR flats were in a similar condition and stressed on the need for action to be taken.

“I am here not as a politician but like I said, this is more of a humanitarian issue,” he added.

“We want a long-term solution to this PPR flats problem,” he said, adding that the state government could follow the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) where the latter oversees all the low-cost flats in the Federal Territory.

He added that the state government should form a special department to cater for all the PPR flats in Selangor.